Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Writing Focus, Part I: Being Universal.

Do you remember when you were sitting in English class (or even a history class) back in high school and you received that dreaded research paper that was on someone that you could seriously care less about? Those were some of the hardest papers I've ever had to write. Why, you may ask? The subject matter is the reason why I have a hard time! It's rather difficult for me to construct any sort of product that has to do with anything that I'm personally not interested in! Honestly, I feel like that's a fault of my own--I should have broader interests, I suppose. However, there are ways I could combat this.

One of the tips I picked up while dealing with this issue was to "make it interesting." I still manage to struggle with that on occasions. Writing about certain subjects is about as interesting as getting your leg amputated; it's just painful. Instead, I like to think of it as "writing a rebuttal!" To be honest, this method that I've adopted makes me feel a tad bit dirty on the inside. It's like writing a love letter to your horrible ex-boyfriend/girlfriend (the one that you want to be hit by a bus and then die by some horrible, flesh-eating disease) and pretending that you still care. Yes, I don't personally care about the subject I have to write about, but, I don't want my instructor OR my audience to know that.

 I'm still working on how to get to the point where I can coerce my audience into thinking that there isn't a subject on the planet that I couldn't write about! Simply put, I need to get over myself and start thinking on a more universal plane. Besides, if I can accomplish this, then I've added even more trivia to my database! 


  1. You seem like you're reading my mind, I used to hate when my teachers gave me broad topics. In my opinion if the topic is not interesting I think that affects the amount of work we put into the research paper. I don't know about comparing it to my ex getting hit by a bus, but it is pretty bad. If we voice our opinions on theses problems maybe we will start getting better topics to research.

  2. I know that personally, I will always take into consideration any requests from students regarding a choice in research essay ropics. So it never hurts to ask your professor about alternative topics (just make sure the topic you suggest is relevant to the course).

  3. I really feel the same way as well. I will feel so struggling when I write some thing which I am totally dislike. I always tell myself those things are good for me and I will get progress after accomplishing them. So, we need to think two sides of the thing, and think more positively.