Sunday, January 22, 2012

(Non-EH 101 Related Blogger Post)

The weather's changing..and it's making feel a little offset. I have a lot of random thoughts floating around and since Tumblr isn't up at the moment, I guess I'll write here.

First off, for whatever reason, not a single person that I've ever dated has ever pulled for me in a video game. Well, friendly competition isn't the best way to go about bonding in relationship (especially if your significant other isn't a hardcore gamer or is just a plan sore looser), but at the same time, even when we're not playing each other and I'm playing someone else, they're still always rooting for the other person. It's like they're not satisfied until I loose. Further still, they also have a habit of getting upset with me when I try to cheer them on. It's like an insult or something.

By the way, just to clarify: I do not engage in polygamy. I'm just using the pronoun "they" simply to generally group all of my relationships that I've had thus far together. 

Hm, I'm sure that Matt would've been the same way; he was always kinda competitive with me anyway, but that was because we were both naturally dominate personalities.  Oh well, the moral of the story is...


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