Thursday, April 5, 2012

May I Take Your Order?

Here's a link to the post since I had to use Tumblr in order to post the mp3 file:

DS106: May I Take Your Order?


  1. This made me laugh so hard. People would be surprised how dumb some/most customers are. Yes I might have to say you(as customer) are always right to your face, but when you leave best believe employees usually have a laugh/rant fest. My favorite is
    customer:"ya wha ya specials"(after listening to an atomated recording of specials for the past minute)
    Me:"just the ones on the recording"
    (most of the time I have to list the specials anyway)
    Customer: "k k um um ya lemme get dat three toppin for $9.99"
    Me: "and what would you like on that?"
    Customer: "one dem dare supremes"
    Me: "Specialties are $12.99"
    Customer: "how is that there so much I only ordered one topping?"
    Me: "....."

  2. hahaha,that's so funny. I also heard some interesting story happen to customers.